ECI 716: Design and Evaluation of Instructional Materials

Course Description

ECI 716: Design and Evaluation of Instructional Materials with Dr. Sophia Stone in Fall 2012 was one of the more difficult classes taken during my studies. The course required students to work in teams of about three to plan, design and deliver original web-based instructional materials.

Team Money

For this project, I coordinated the activites of Team Money. This name was decided upon due to the nature of our instructional design, which revolved around the teaching of economic systems to seventh grade students.

In this module, students take on the role of a reporter in order to research capitalism and socialism by "interviewing" Voki avatars. They record their findings in a Penzu journal while responding to guiding questions that ensure students are discovering the main ideas of each system. As a culminating task, the students must write an article where they defend the decision of a local government to create a controversial new park as being more capitalist or socialist in nature.