ECI 652: Internship In Instructional Technology

Course Description

The IT Internship completed during Spring 2013 under Dr. Kevin Oliver, provided the opportunity to put the lessons learned over the previous two years to work. I decided to intern with a local ballroom dance studio, A Step to Gold International Ballroom.

The school had an interest in improving their social media presence and needed some ideas to help get them moving in the right direction. After a few discussions it was decided we would focus on their blog offerings in order to build a community for their students to participate in. The site would become more about education and retainment of students.

A Step to Gold Wordpress Site

The first step was to clean up the site's template and overall look. In doing so, we chose a more elegant theme, "Adele." This theme brought with it many new widgets with which to further educate the students such as the "countdown to event" widget.

Improved Video

The other major contribution to their mainsite was to try and increase desire to visit through video. Over the course of the semester, I completed several dance videos showcasing the students and staff of the school. The school already had some videos but their editing methods were primitive so the overall quality of video increased during my stay.

Maximizing Your Blog: Powerpoint Presentation

In order to help the staff understand and keep track of my suggested changes to the website and the logic behind them, a PowerPoint presentation was completed and presented to the key stakeholders. This PowerPoint can be viewed below.

Final Paper: A New Culture of Dance

The final paper, "A New Culture of Dance: Implementing Blended Learning Ideas to Enchance Community and Retention, was inspired in part by "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman and "A New Culture of Learning" by Douglas Thomas and John Brown. In addition numerous readings from my courses concerning building community in online courses and sound instructional practice were also at work.