ECI 517: Advanced Multimedia Design and Applications in Instruction

Course Description

In Spring 2012, ECI 517 brought new challenges as the course introduced many instructional design theories for developing multimedia from over the past fifty years. Students were teamed up during the course to work on three multimedia projects utilizing these various ID theories.

The Skeletal System

The Skeletal System site utilized PSI model to help middle grades students better understand the role of bones and joints in the body as well as potential hazards from injuries to the skeleton.

Midnight Dreary: The Cask of Amontillado and Other Tales of Terror

The followup to first project called for the team to tackle the problem based learning model. For this exercise, the team chose to have students take on the role of a film production team to solve the authentic problem of retelling a classic Edgar Allen Poe tale.

Persuasive Writing: Convince the Constituents

The final group module for ECI 517 used Goal Based Learning. In order to study persuasive writing, the module placed students in the role of speech writer for a political candidate. In this role, students studied a wide variety of historical facts and data in an effort to prepare for their writing of a speech for their candidate.