ECI 512: Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Course Description

ECI 512 in Spring 2012 allowed the opportunity to learn about a great number of new technologies and how they might be applied to teaching through constructivist methods. The professor for this course was Dr. Lori Holcomb McClaren, who was excellent at crafting opportunities for the students to gain practical experience in use of various technologies.

The course work included reading and researching various technologies used to implement 21st Century skills into courses. Students had to maintain a weekly blog discussing their research after week five for a total of ten blog entries, create a series of four podcasts and participate in the GLIP project, a collaboration with ECI 524: Theory and Research in Global Learning.

GLIP: Global Literacies Initiative Project

GLIP provided students with the opportunity to partner with another graduate student from a different education program to role-play as an IT specialist. This project was based on the game informed learning theory, and the job of the student was to advise their team on various technologies that could be used to facilitate the sharing of ideas between sites around the globe.

Group Ecton Travel Package Product

One of the major parts of the GLIP activity was to work collaboratively in creation of a travel package to showcase the various countries involved in the project. For this activity, Group Ecton chose to use Prezi to showcase our member countries.


Among the more challenging experiences of ECI 512 was the creation of original podcasts. This requirement spawned the Techie Tutelage podcast.

Techie Tutelage #1

Techie Tutelage #2

Techie Tutelage #3

Techie Tutelage #4


The blog requirement for ECI 512 provided the opportunity to research and comment on several ideas presented during the course of the Spring 2012 semester. The results may be viewed at