ECI 511: Computer Applications and Curriculum Integration

Among the first graduate courses taken in Fall 2011 was ECI 511 Computer Applications and Curriculum Integration. This class served as a wonderful introduction to the M.Ed. Instructional Technology Program. Dr. Oliver's teaching methods made for a smooth transition to graduate school.

Course Description

The objective of the course was to introduce students to a wide variety of existing educational software and websites that aligned well with research findings of best practices in education. The course featured a variety of discussion forum opportunities to reflect on these tools as well as many hands on opportunities to make use of featured tools.

Oral History Project

The primary artifact from this experience is the Oral History Project. Students were tasked with creating a multimedia slideshow using images to highlight a historical figure, alive or dead. While it was preferred that students choose someone who is/was a close relation, this was not required.


The medium for these oral history projects was a Voicethread slideshow. Voicethread is a cloud based service that allows users to collaboratively create interactive multimedia slide shows. These slideshows may contain images, documents or even videos. These slideshows can also be commented on by other users using a microphone, telephone or plain old text based comments. Further, these shows may be embedded into webpages, linked to social media or even exported as ".mov" or ".mp4" files.

Google Map

Another notable project for ECI 511 is the creation of a Google Map. Google Maps is a wonderful tool to use with students of all ages. Maps can be used in a variety of ways but one of the more creative ways is to allow students to create their own maps with waypoints and personalized information.

Carolina Haunts

The idea for creating a map of famous hauntings in the Carolinas came from the combination of a love of NC ghost stories, watching "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi network and the timing of this project being around Halloween 2011. The result was a series of waypoints to various haunted locations in North and South Carolina.

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