Instructional Technology Portfolio

By: Charles Thomas Bowden


This document records the experiences from participation in the Masters of Education: Instructional Technology program between 2011-2013. Before beginning the program, I was already a classroom teacher who was unafraid of using technology in the classroom, but in compiling the products included in this portfolio, there can be no doubt that I have grown in my knowledge of how to best integrate technology into the field of education. While my skills have vastly improved over the past two years, I recognize my learning does not end with completion of the masters program as this field is ever changing and growing, nevertheless, I'm still proud of my accomplishments so far.


In Fall 2011, I entered the Instructional Technology program at NCSU after having served as a classroom teacher since 2006. The primary motivation being to obtain a degree in Instructional Technology with the 077 NC Teaching Certification in an effort to position myself as a district technology coordinator.

The program at North Carolina State University has helped transform the way I view education. The experiences have informed my teaching style in a way I had not anticipated, further strengthening the drive to join the ranks of those with decision making power in an attempt to share my views with a larger audience.